Star Oil (Dhruv Management) is building a gas price distribution system that aggregates different fuel prices on a daily basis from different sources and then distributes to all the retailers for analysis and ordering purposes. The platform has multiple components and all the retailers are connected via the mobile application.

The new platform consists of the serverless infrastructure hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS). The challenge was to build the overall application with secure, scalable, robust, and cost-effective infrastructure and test its critical components. AppGambit played an important part in the implementation of the system to effectively rollout to AWS for production.


AppGambit performed the overall analysis of the system and selected the AWS Serverless stack for the final product. Our team is doing the serverless development for a long time, and we quickly identified the key areas. We selected the popular Serverless Framework as our development framework and decided to build an MVP first. Once the MVP part is completed, we had all the pieces together that we needed, DynamoDB, SQS/SNS, Pinpoint and CloudWatch Alarms for Jobs became the key AWS services for the overall solution.

The overall engineering work we performed included:

  • Building a DevOps pipeline to allow the development and deployment of code on the platform, with continuous integration / continuous deployment (CI/CD). This includes AWS services like CodeCommit, CodeBuild, CodePipeline, and Terraform

  • Backend system development using the Serverless Framework and NodeJS 12.x

  • Mobile application development using the Flutter Mobile Framework

  • Web application development using the Angular Web Framework

  • We are using key serverless services like Cognito, API Gateway, Lambda, DynamoDB, CloudWatch Alarms (for Logs and Periodic Jobs), X-Ray, Pinpoint, SNS, etc

  • Using AWS ControlTower to separate the account creation and manage multiple stages with CloudFormation


Star Oil now has a working application that can scale up/down depending on the load. All the components are highly distributed and self fault-tolerant. Using the serverless approach was the best fit for their business operations which sees heavy operations in certain hours and goes to complete stand-off in others.

Star Oil is not exploring more business cases that can be modernized using AWS serverless technologies and our relationships with them will definitely help them get better results.

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